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the beginning

August 22, 2011

In the introductory notes of Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps album the writer states that Neil’s album was  “built around Young’s conviction that an artist’s reach must always exceed his grasp:that the alternative to creative growth was stagnation and irrelevancy……..”

14 years prior to the above Bob Dylan had released Highway 61 Revisited, an extraordinary album which had Bob revisiting his own roots and roads but in a way that even 36 years later still sounds like it is light years ahead of today’s popular music.

I have always felt that the word artist has limited many of us and that somehow only “artists” can be creative. With the advent of internet and social media the ability for anyone to be creative and explore and share  is there for all of us.

In this blog I will hope to explore life, revisit and re look at old passions and new interests, looking backwards and forwards and having some fun on the way……….


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  1. Andrew permalink


    Cool blog.

    I have used one of your pictures (found elsewhere on the www) as the thumbnail for an entry into a Ford SA Competition.

    I hope that this is ok – it is one of your landscapes of Krantzkloof.

    Please let me know if this is ok – and also if you’d like to run with us when we run in the reserve – we are there often.

    Kind regards

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